An outstanding selection of unreleased tracks, which seamlessly stitch together as a result of the producer’s solid mixing work, is what Octo Åeterna kept in store for a celebratory mix for MNMT 344 on the day of his birthday.

Octo Åeterna is an electronic music producer who pursues deep and dark psychedelic sounds by involving mathematics and probability patterns. He is running the Technologia Organica label, focused on physical format releases, which is taking a strong influence from nature in search of a welcoming harmony, mostly found through abstract sonic environments. Each piece weaves a personalized concept while maintaining its sense of design balance. This year, his debut EP “Evolutiva” was released through Danza Nativa after the split vinyl EP on his label. Both these works follow a productive, long career as DJ and curator of “Noctambula” events in his hometown in South America, where, based on the energy in the night, his sets fluently ranged from meditative acts to highly dynamic selection.

Similarly, those aspects found their rightful place in the mix he delivered for the Monument podcast series. Starting with cavernous noise and calming ambience, percussion firmly steps in and mingles with the basslines to apply a reasonably organic character to the selection. One that is quite comparable to his label work so far. Adhering to relevantly high bpms, he ensures a controlled tension that gradually evolves into a perfectly balanced amalgam. Seamless yet quaintly crystal clear in its sequence, the mix is solely composed of unreleased tracks from like-minded artists and collaborators. Quite interesting, though, is that this is a product of live mixing. Something that adds an extra value to Octo Åeterna’s offering as one can easily recognize the impressively tight flow, reflecting his commitment and hard work in the genre. Driven by a hypnotically dynamic tempo, the ever-present wavy motion leaves shades of contemplation as it graciously capitalizes on the mix’s relieving presence, therefore acting as an antidote against the most stretched-out internal sentiments.

Tracklist (unreleased)

  1. Octo Åeterna – Intimate Darkness
  2. Forest On Stasys – Unreleased
  3. Octo Åeterna – Septa
  4. Poly Poly – Another Galaxy (Polygonia Remix)
  5. Saphileaum – Extint
  6. Human Space Machine – Okra [Forthcoming From A Lost Place]
  7. Forest On Stasys – Superstición [Forthcoming Technologia Organica]
  8. Arkajo – 30 modular 2496 [Forthcoming From A Lost Place]
  9. Octo Åeterna – Physical Purple
  10. Dycide – Bostea
  11. Mateo Moric – Viento
  12. Facundo – Unreleased
  13. Jamida – Timeout
  14. Polygonia – Vipera Berus [Forthcoming ARA Recordings]
  15. Octo Åeterna – Tribe
  16. Sindh – Ujjain
  17. Octo Åeterna – Metaphysical Beliefs
  18. Dycide – Nidrion
  19. Sepian – Ekos
  20. Alfred Czital – No Future
  21. Marcelo Antonio – Unreleased
  22. Modem & Germa – Orro (Marcelo Antonio Remix)
  23. Sindh – ZeroInfiny
  24. Forest On Stasys – Neotrópico [Forthcoming Technologia Organica]
  25. Kids On Acid – Angie
  26. Atomic Moog – Musa
  27. Mateo Moric & Facundo – Tibetan Calling
  28. Dorisburg & Efraim Kent – CV Scan 01
  29. Efraim Kent & Feral – Unreleased
  30. Work – Eryx
  31. Valentin Ginies – Protoplanetary A
  32. Octo Åeterna – First Experiences