“Medicine is a Science of Uncertainty and an art of probability”

William Osler

Artist: Blazej Malinowski & Dasha Rush

Album: Unpredictability Of Probability

Label: Inner Tension

Release Date: November 26, 2021

This reconstruction of human life as we know it has been a scarring yet trilling endeavor..

The testing of our personal mortality is a thought/physical process that wasn’t anticipated whatsoever – But with an historical context set in motion, we are learning to be on the positive side of the evolutionary process so that we may carry on.

Cover Photo by eerie.mydriasis

Blazej Malinowski & Dasha Rush are both names that need absolutely no introduction in the vast wonderful world of Techno. Both artists have carved their imprints onto the minds of the deeper/technical music lovers from all walks of life. This release on Blazej’s own recording label “Inner Tension” is the second release on his label. It contains three explosive tracks written by himself, as well as a remix by the equally talented maestro “Dasha Rush”. We can go on and on braking down the subtle details of both BlazeJ’s and Dasha’s work on this release, but let’s go a bit deeper.

Unpredictability Of Probability is an incredibly strong title for an artistic piece.

Imagine you’re just getting into the complexities of this unofficial genre labeled “Deep/Hypnotic Music“, this community was formulated to showcase the hypnotic elements found in both darkness and light. The understanding of both sides of the coin is a lifelong journey to gain knowledge of the self, as well as the organic association of the universe by wielding Father Time as a tool for expression.

BlazeJ & Dasha explain all of this via their music, but let me go into further detail by telling a story..

The Power of Consequence

There once was a man named Bren who has been hearing this calling – A calling that has become more prominent over time..

Everyday, every hour he hears this calling within his mind, the voice seems to have a personality of it’s own:

“Bren” it calls – “Bren, they need to hear your story..”

“Bren, you need to tell your story..”

Now he doesn’t know anything about storytelling, but it’s safe to say that writing stories is a passion to him. Bren has always found solace within writing, but this time, the universe was trying to tell him something. One evening after coming home from working his normal everyday job, he decides to open an old empty notebook he found tucked away in his closet. He then starts to write..

Bren lives in a big city, and down the street from his apartment is a popular media company who has been looking for staff writers since early in the year. You may say this subconscious fit of mental demand to write was in lieu of this opportunity, or maybe this calling was a personal wake up call nudging Bren to follow his dreams. Regardless, he was being beckoned walk the path of enlightenment and achieve his goal of becoming a professional writer.

Blazej Malinowski – Probability (Dasha Rush Darker Shades Remix) 

Now while Bren is actively finding himself as a storyteller, A fellow named “Thomas” has just been awarded a Staff Writer position down the street in the offices of the media company. For years Thomas demolished the many milestones needed to become a senior storyteller within the company – He developed himself as a highly awarded and original descriptive writer securing his spot within one of the best of the business.

Berlin Skyline: @luki_gagarin

After many suns and moons embrace the earth with it’s energetic glory, Bren has filled his little found notebook with childhood stories, sad stories, and happy stories in only a few weeks. Writing has become such a gigantic part of his well-being, that he starts to write from right after work until three or four in the morning.

As this wonderful breakthrough illuminates Bren’s life, Thomas is sitting pretty on top of his throne, seeing himself as an undisputed champion in the world of written storytelling..

Interview Day

Fast forward another week: Bren scores an interview for one of the staff writing positions at the media company down the street. As a celebration, Bren and his friends go out for a drink the night before the interview.

Everything would have went according to plan if Bren didn’t forget to set his alarm for work the next morning after going out. Because of this, consequently, he wakes up forty minutes past his normal wake up time. Startled, he throws himself into his shower as he rushes and curses under his breath.

While this escapade goes on, Thomas walks out of his apartment and takes the elevator down stairs to the parking garage to start his normal everyday commute to work. After putting the key in the ignition of his car, he quickly stops himself after realizing that he forgot his wallet and phone on his night stand.

No Biggie” he says to himself, as he gets out of his car and jogs his way to the elevator to retrieve these items.

Bren leaves

Bren is almost finished getting ready at this point; he’s about to walk out of the door before realizing that he forgot his apartment keys. He takes twelve minutes to find them within the mess of his living quarters, making him even later than he was before.. With a fit of rage after his key-finding eureka moment – Bren finally leaves his apartment.

Thomas Leaves

Thomas on the other hand swiftly grabs his wallet and phone, takes the elevator ride to the garage, and turns on his car. The car inhales the cold winter air and exhales with a powerful vigor. He then closes his eyes and recites his morning mantra, a mantra that he tell himself every morning before leaving for work:

“Today will be the best day of my life..”

Those were the last words Thomas ever spoke.

Cause and Effect

You see, Thomas never made it to work that morning – Instead he was hit by a car..

After arriving to work, he parked in his usually spot in front of the company before turning his car off and jogged across the street to enter the building.

He almost made it across, but a small sedan sped past causing him to jump back in panic. After jumping backwards, a truck ended his life. A total freak accident.

The driver of the sedan was probably late for work, or he was on his phone, or he took his hands off the wheel to fix his tie..

The details are irrelevant, but Thomas was sent to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The driver who initiated this moment of chaos was none other than Bren.

A freak accident… Effected by being in the wrong place at that moment in time.

This is the The Power of Consequence“, also known as “The Unpredictability of Probability

If only ONE thing went differently that morning..

  • If Bren didn’t go out drinking and remembered to set his alarm for the interview.
  • If Thomas didn’t forget his wallet and keys causing him to go back up to his apartment.
  • If Bren didn’t misplace his keys the night before.
  • Or if Thomas didn’t take the time to recite his morning mantra.

Then Thomas wouldn’t have been at that exact place at that exact time – He would have crossed the road unharmed.

This accidental moment in time resulted in Thomas giving up the manifested idea of his “throne” and forcing the media company to create an equal playing field internally within the company.

As for Bren, he was lucky.. He was late to the interview, which was quickly overlooked because of the accident outside. The job ended up being his, where he quickly moved up the ladder and became the new leader of the throne..

Both Bren & Thomas’ perspectives are easily relatable, and even though things turned out the way they did, nobody was at fault. It was simply an unpredictable happening intertwining with the probability of life’s survival at a certain point in time.

When – Why – How

This is the unpredictable When that occurs – when we ask Why “things” happen and How the Universe communicates.

You see my friends, tomorrow isn’t promised – Every action has a reaction – Every cause has an effect.

Because of these natural facts; We all act as narrators to each other’s lives – Intentionally & Unintentionally.

Purchase: Blazej Malinowski – Unpredictability Of Probability (Including Dasha Rush Remix)

Label: Inner Tension

Blazej & Dasha Rush have created something special here..

Using the power of music to teach and celebrate the complexities of the world we live in. Thank you both for your perspective as we enter this holiday season, and we appreciate your story about the power of consequence.

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