Dream-inducing soundscapes, methodical deep techno, and high-energy rhythm interchange in Emily Jeanne’s podcast for MNMT 306.  

From Belgium to Vietnam and back many times, Emily Jeanne has morphed her taste for music curation into a passion for staying true to the many subgenres techno has to offer. Her astute ear for particular sound has paved the way for exceptional DJ and production performances. With a sound attributed to – but not bound by – contemporary leftfield dance music landscape, her releases have been seen under acclaimed imprints such as Semantica, ANGLS Records, VOLTAGE, vurt, often times next to industry titans such as Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, and Planetary Assault Systems.

In MNMT 306, Emily Jeanne exports a wonky but driving, nuanced yet stimulating, and organic but electrifying mix to the convenience of each listener. With a proper introduction of trippy soundscapes to begin, the 1 hour and 30 minutes slowly navigates through fields of various sound structures…allowing the listener to study between them!