“A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”

– Lao Tzu

Artist: Various Artists (Compilation)

Album: Northallsen V Years – The Path Of Nomads

Label: Northallsen Records

Release Date: June 30th, 2021

Before I speak, I’d like to just thank all of you who have been loyal followers to our Monument imprint. This past year has been quite the journey for many of us – We were all tested, mentally and physically. During these gritty times, it is important to reminisce and become one with ourselves. In other words: Showing attention to the “self” by regrouping and working on spiritual improvement.

What does this mean exactly?

This life long journey is filled with peaks and valleys, positives and negatives, gains and losses.. Take a second and look at your life from an outside perspective; You may wear many hats within this plane of existence – but do they define who you are? Is there an end to your influence to others? How deep does the rabbit hole go in regards to how you define yourself personally. You may be a mother or father, maybe a “good” employee or business partner, you may be an excellent friend, a devoted brother or sister – But this is only what others define you as. At the end of the day, when all of the lights cease operating and your mind starts to scream within the darkness: Do you value yourself?

You see, the truth is, this journey we call “Life” is a process – a struggle – a test. We are who we say we are, you are who you mold yourself to be. Every action you take has a reaction, every choice has a consequence.. And wherever we lay our hat at the end of the day when the enervation is at it’s most prominent – is known as “Home“. The funny thing about home, is that the location constantly changes. As creatures of this reality, we are constantly migrating and exploring, it is within our very nature to do so – and therefore, the idea of home is kinetic. This is the prime focus of Northallsen Record’s latest compilation album titled: “The Path of Nomads

MNMT Premiere: Aleja Sanchez – Symbolicus Transmutation

Deeper forms of Techno and Ambient music are some of the most prolific examples of original artistry available for your viewing pleasure today, and this release supports that statement wholeheartedly. For off: We should all be giving endless praise to the person who organized the release in this first place: She is one of Colombia’s biggest international musical exports (and one of my personal favorite artists in the world): Aleja Sanchez.

Aleja Sanchez is the label head of Northallsen records and contributor to imprints like: Affin and Planet Rhythm. This compilation album she organized titled “The Path of the Nomads” carries the recordings of some of the most admired producers in the business of Techno at this very moment:

Oscar Mulero, Aleja Sanchez, CHPTR, and Mike Parker.

ALL of these recordings are nothing remotely less than absolutely phenomenal. Each track tells a unique story with exquisite mood and dialect. Deep and driving, hot and heavy, enticing and sexy.. There are not enough words in the dictionary to attach these carefully woven sounds into a spoken language. I can definitely tell you this though; this release is right up your alley if you are looking for some of that Summertime energy.

All around the world, we are yearning to get back into that vibration that only a live event can bring us. This atmosphere is in-fact an example of one of our many “Homes”, these gatherings are one of the many places where we feel at peace. Slowly but surely, all of our paths will lead us onto a new dance floor – and we’ll be able to express ourselves to the vibrations of quality Techno once again.

Fore this is the way – This is the path – This is why we breath.

The definition of a Nomad is:

A member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory

Only the strongest exist within this state of mind. Only the beings who don’t fear the unknown wilderness, and who appreciate the freedom to expand their knowledge from the world around them. This is an exciting humanistic feature! So exciting in fact, that these four artists collectively came together to create these exuberant recordings to show the world just how energized you can become if you were to take a first step towards the path meant for each and everyone of us.

I encourage you to take a moment to truly appreciate the genius that went into this album. Let the energy take you over and move you, let the frequencies shock you deep in your bones. You are alive, you are living to fight another day.

Northallsen V Years – The Path Of Nomads