Within the world of Hypnotic music, there has been many curated events that focus on specific beliefs, credences, and/or ideas. This is the beauty of the community and the genre; Having the artistic freedom to explore the unknown and tell/teach stories without the confines of a spoken language. This opens the door for endless possibilities, especially due to the fact that deeper forms of recordings have the tendency to affect the human Limbic system in regards to emotional emissions. Today, I come to you to explain an upcoming event that relates to all of these details: Lāsya Virtual Festival.

In terms of Hindu mythology, the Lāsya dance is performed by the Goddess Parvati as it expresses love, care, happiness and is filled with grace and beauty – it will be performed in less than a month internationally. The importance of the Lāsya is in regards with the second phase of creation, it follows the Shiva’s Tandava dance that gave birth to the Universe. The dance never had a visual representation since it was supposed to be felt on the subtle body as creativity in motion, unconditional love, grace, and softness. This movement is represented through the triad, “laya“, “pralaya” & “shunya” – which is the cyclic motion of things from resonance to dissolution. From stillness to movement, from sounds to silence and such represents the dialectical “being-nonbeing-becoming”. This is the divine feminine nature in all of us; gently moving inward, never pushing to reach the surface yet moving all things, as above, so below, as within so outward.

The Lāsya festival is happening on Friday the 11th of June under the New Moon in the midst of Summer. 11 artists will be showcasing their work for this unique event for a 13-hr non-stop, exclusive stream on 9128.live – Hosted by Klara Vedis and co-hosted by A Strangely Isolated Place. The Lāsya festival has no ticketing and is available/open for everyone, however, there will be a button for donation. This is a music-appreciative virtual gathering, created with love and creative artistry. Expect to hear stellar performances from artists like Zemög, Unjin, Cinnamint, Knower, and a special Audio/Visual prelude to the festival performed by a young french artist named Solarythm – which will be showcased on the Amok Radio Youtube Channel on June 4th.


Lāsya Virtual Festival