We are happy to release our next recording from  Anecumene online festival this time by our resident Laura MRLS. Based in Helsinki and Berlin, Laura MRLS is an up-and-coming DJ known for her genre-crossing sets taking listeners on an unexpected sound trip through industrial, deep electronic/a, and techno spheres. As resident DJ and Project Manager at Monument and co-founder of the collective and experimental event & podcast series SYNAĒSTHESIA, Laura is constantly developing new concepts triggering visitors to explore new surroundings.

For her ambient set recorded as part of Anecumene during 13-15 November 2020, Laura MRLS takes the listener through deep soundscapes and tranquil ambience. Including mesmerizing textures to trippy designs, and hypnotic pulses to darker cinematic twists, Laura MRLS shapes an experience to drift away to.

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