Back for another episode of our Tracklisting project and we are happy to invite the talented artist from Georgia, Petit Astronaute.

Petit Astronaute started his musical career in 2010 and has been developing its music for about ten years. Petit Astronaute sets and productions are influenced by deep and spatial techno.

He has released music on recognized labels such as Circular Limited, Aarden Records, Affûté, Pardon Records, Ordinamento Selettivo, BAHN, DNC LIMITED, Artscope, Κhôros, Postdynamic.

Today, he presents us his 10 current favorite tracks.

1 – Muslimgauze – Mullah said  [Staalplaat Rec.]  

2 – Aphex Twin – Rhubarb [Warp Records]

3 – Edit Select – The Space Between [Soma]

   4 – Evigt Mörker – Den Stilla Kammaren [Northern Electronics]

 5 – Luigi Tozzi – Binary Sunset  [Hypnus] 

6 – Etapp Kyle – Nolove [Ostgut Ton]

 7 – Carl Finlow – Anomaly 

8 – Giorgio Gigli – Hidden In The Darkness [ZOOLOFT Rec]

 9 – Deepbass – Immersive  [Planet Rhythm]

10 – Claudio PRC – Velato [SEMANTICA]