For MNMT 288, Beyond Humans takes the listener far into their valley of deep synths, euphoric build-ups, and breath-taking sceneries from above.

Formerly known as Geometric89 for years prior, Beyond Humans redefined their musical concept in 2018, taking their journey to new destinations. The two brothers that formed the duo, Chris (Chris Luscan)  and Juan (Geoastra ), have an extensive history both producing and DJing. In the past, they have performed alongside Polar Inertia, Setaoc Mass, Developer, and Claudio PRC – while also releasing under Record Labels such as Virescence, G89 Records, No Way, UTCH Records, and Alss.

Guiding the listener into a sublime expedition, Beyond Humans ignites an introduction to their mix with a grand opening. From the cascade of sound to fall into, diverse soundscapes open up and a new world is accessed. In a euphoric trek, the listener is guided to climb peaks from atop, before finding themselves in a comforting cave to bask. Through technical mixing and careful track selection, the duo expresses their concept of the musical world – taking the listener to beyond.

Continuing their journey, they recently collaborated with Automatisme to release their newest EP entitled “Zeitgeist” under the label Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux.