We are happy to present the Berlin-based Ambient/Hypnotic artist with a keen sense for creating ritualistic musical journeys – Hypnotic Black Magic. Apolline aka. Hypnotic Black Magic explores the depths of meditative emotions in regards to tonality. Along with this, she is a member of the Monument family who manages our social media platforms.

When it comes to influencers within our Hypnotic scene, Apolline is one of the leaders of the pack. She is a creator of Ambient Sleepers as well as a founder of the world famous Art Bei Ton in Berlin. Her goal is to correlate visual art with hypnotic music – making her a forerunner of a new style of artistry.  Brilliantly conducted by Hypnotic Black Magic herself, this recording explores and exposes all avenues of deep and Avant Garde styles of music. Birthing from our Anecumene online festival, we’re excited to host this amazing performance, trap yourselves in, and let’s take this hypnotic journey together.

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