We are excited to come back for this episode of MNMT Recordings with the marvelous set of Efraim Kent from Anecumene. Anecumene was an online radio event curated by the label A Strangely Isolated Place, the Spanish series of events Calma, the Korean-based label Oslated and Monument that took place on 9128.live radio platform during November 13 – 15th. 47 unique artists joined forces to create an exciting and diverse lineup with more than 48 hours of non-stop broadcasting; including DJ-sets and live performances.

Hailing from Sweden, Efraim Kent is a talented musician, producer and DJ, constantly looking for extraterrestrial sounds, but deeply rooted in traditional afro and Asian rhythms. His releases can be found on labels such as Kontrolleri on Tikita alongside Dorisburg, Hypnus, and Danza Nativa. Enjoy!