For this second chapter of our Tracklisting project, we are happy to introduce the Italian DJ and producer Fabrizio Lapiana. Known for his immaculate mixing technique and his dark and hypnotic productions, Fabrizio released on respected labels such as ARTS, Figure Jams, M_Rec Ltd, or on his own imprint the well renowned Attic Music to mention a few. Between hypnotic and mental Techno, Fabrizio Lapiana shows us 10 of his current favorite tracks.

  1. Conrad Van Orton – Due Di Marzo (Lyree)

2. Kaiser – Floating In The Abyss (KSR)

3. Mike Davis – Beyond The Zero 4 (Brenda)

4. Natural/Electronic System – Idra (Midgar)

5. Slak – Intreccio (Lab Music)

6. Feral – Devious Path (Hypnus)

7. Eric Fetcher – No Heaven (Key Vinyl)

8. Luigi Tozzi & Claudio PRC – Lyra II (012)

9. Amotik – Chauwan (Amotik)

10. Yant – Hydro 3 (Blackaxon)