Last summer, we invited one of our favorite selectors out there to close the first edition of our intimate festival.

After three beautiful days of music, nature and friendship celebrations in the Norwegian forest, Fitz brought her records and skills to the booth, and started to play.

We could talk about the piece of music the Londonian artist put out that day for hours, but is any introduction actually needed? Let’s just try to be objective: it simply consists of three hours and a half of absolute madness, it is an exquisite compilation of banger records carefully played one after the other, it is one hell of a space ride… Oops, objectivity mission failed.

But yo, give the mix a listen, you may hear by yourself.

Tickets for the 2020 edition are already available here, and we will be announcing the first confirmed names in the coming weeks. See you soon again, Monument friends 💚

PS: An immense thank you, Jane, for offering us what was one of the best rave moment a lot of us had the chance to experiment.