Artists: Shlømo, Tripeo, Johannes Heil, Oscar Mulero

Release: Shlømo Remixed

Label: Wolfskuil Records 

Release Date: March 30, 2018

Monument is excited to preview a track from Shlømo Remixed EP, released under Wolfskuil Records.

The EP consists of the Parisian producer’s earlier productions, now re-treated by Tripeo, Johannes Heil and Oscar Mulero. The four-track release if a nice combination of ambient, melodic and even heavier techno. 

Tripeo’s remix of Avadon Part 1, on the preview, is one of the faster and big-floor friendly tracks, accompanied of Johannes Heil’s bass-filled take on M.U.M. Oscar Mulero, again, has remixed an ambient track Vanished Beath with interesting and deeper soundscapes, and he is also the one behind a remix of the hit track Obsession

Three of the tracks are from Shlømos Vanished Beath EP, released in 2016.

Founded in 2003, Darko Esser’s (also known as Tripeo) Wolfskuil Records has released music for example from producers like Antigone, Joris Voorn and Rødhåd.