Raw Imprint is back with it’s third vinyl release ‚Aurora‘

Still located in their small western-German idyll, they have meanwhile hosted label-nights in cities like Paris, Tokyo, Taipei and many more around the globe. They have also surrounded themselves with a handful of ambitious international newcomers like Parisian Taapion label-boss and Blocaus resident AWB and now on their latest installment of the label with Alderaan, one of the most promising new techno artists from the currently flourishing scene in Buenos Aires.

The EP ‘Aurora’ starts of with Felix Fleer‘s ‘Persistence of Memory’, which is an obvious hint to 20th century, godfather of surrealism, ‘Salvador Dali’ and his famous painting of the melting clocks in a nightmare desert. No later than when the psychotically echoing grand piano enters the stage, most listeners might be able to draw the parallels between those two works, without being able to shake of those haunting feelings of disorientation and time melting away, in this abstract soundscape with it’s nightmarish atmosphere. Rythen is contributing a modular synth infused, industrial leaning floorkiller that might unfold it’s full potential best at the peak time, while with ‘Elysian Fields’, Jonas Landwehr continues the path of epic and melancholic synth pads, that he already hit on the second Raw Imprint release with his track ‘Fragment of Metasis’.

Rythen & Felix Fleer open the B-Side with a new collaborative track under their Environ. moniker, which is usually known best for heavy funk and hip hop influences that seem to have, at least temporarily, vanished on this record. With ‘Anticipate’ they spur the thread that ‘Persistence of Memory’ opened on the A-side and develop it into a track that is far more club oriented and DJ-friendly. Buenos Aires hope bearer Alderaan closes the record with ‘Clarity’, a track that mainly convinces trough its discreet and subtle psychedelic qualities without being too intrusive in any of it’s affords.

All in all this record features a varied spectrum of interpretations of contemporary techno music and keeps us excited for what is yet to come on this young label. It is good to see some newcomers on the scene, and we are convinced these guys are something to follow in the future. The full EP is now available on vinyl in all major stores.

Techno Label Umschlag