On May 21, Berlin-based deep techno club night and mix series Patterns of Perception celebrates its birthday with its One Year day party at ://about blank. It’s been an exciting first year for the group of six long-time friends and collaborators, who founded the collective with a vision of bringing a ‘sensory journey through techno’s hypnotic depths’ to Berlin’s club scene.

According to organiser and resident DJ Andreas Maan, the idea was to carve out a niche in the city’s nightlife for techno that is deeper and more atmospheric than what was on offer at Berlin’s best existing parties.

‘We felt that, while there’s no shortage of incredible techno in this city, there was still room for something a bit deeper, more spacious, more hypnotic. We wanted to create a musical journey from the beginning of each party to the end, to give artists time and space to explore some less obvious techno and ambient terrains, while still putting on a proper Berlin party, in every sense of that term.’

This focus on artistic depth and expression has seen the collective book artists like Marco Shuttle, Peter van Hoesen, Artefakt, Yuka and Volte-Face at cult club space OHM Berlin, where they hold regular parties, as well as at Arena Club. And the approach has clearly been paying off: some of the city’s most captivating techno sets of the past 12 months have emerged from these nights, while the mix series has featured podcasts from some of deep techno’s most exciting talents.

To coincide with their one year anniversary, Patterns of Perception residents Kim Bergstrand, Steve Duncan, Hysteria and Andreas Maan have sent over a mix showcasing their signature sound, with luminous, ambient textures giving way to driving, hypnotic rhythms. Their Monument mix features music by the many artists who’ve played at their parties.

For their One Year celebration, the concept moves outdoors for the first time, with Semantica label head Svreca giving a rare sunlit performance in the ://about blank garden. Alongside him on the lineup are cult duo natural/electronic.system, deep techno maven Jin Mustafa, and all four Patterns of Perception residents.

Techno Festival Patterns of Perception

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Biosphere – As The Sun Kissed The Horizon (Touch)

Dreyma – Landfall (self-released)

Hatti Vatti – Algebra 7 (Nowe Nagrania)

Ligovskoï – Dilip (Dement3d Records)

Sendai – Directive (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Pheek – Neso (Archipel)

Hedge Maze – Ourca (Lobster Theremin)

P.E.A.R.L. – IVC (Svreca Remix) (Falling Ethics)

natural/electronic.system. – Megaride (Tikita)

AWB – Celestial Longitude (Taapion)

Ben Buitendijk – Black Mamba (Oblique Music)

Kalawila – Virunga (Mountain Explosion Device)

Dualism – Muscles (Marco Shuttle Remix) (Numbolic Records)

Refracted – Collider (Mind Express)

Volte-Face – ASMR ATCK (Semantica)

Norin – Djupa Vatten (Collapsing Market)

Jana Sleep – Everyone Is Waiting (Hypnus)

Nuel – Biopunk (Repitch Recordings)

Artefakt – The Radiant City

Tom Liem – A Liquid State (Deep Sound Channel)

Yuka – First Zoom (Silent Season)

Yagya – Rigning Einn (Sending Orbs)