As an artist, producer, DJ and record label owner, Fabrizio has contributed to the techno scene since the early nineties.

His label Attic Music was founded in 2008 and has commanded a reputation known for quality and good music. Fabrizio has recently released EPs on his own label, as well as on M_REC. In this weeks episode he showcases a variety of styles with a hypnotic techno flow. As he said himself “It’s not perfect, but it’s more real”. And when you play with vinyl only, we can’t do anything else but agree!

How was the rave scene in Rome in the 90s, and how did it influence you?

It’s been very important for me and all italian techno movement. In that time Rome was italian techno, the only italian techno scene. In 1991 I was too young to go to Rave parties but I was connected with rave scene through a local radio station that pushed all best techno of the moment and informed people about rave parties (legal warehouse parties)…And all this connected with a great records shop, re-mix. I was lucky to follow djs like Lory D, Leo Anibaldi, Luca Chucchetti, Freddy K, etc etc. In that time I realized to love techno and to want become a dj.

How do you seduce the crowd during a event?

I just make my personal journey during my set, of course not forgetting the crowd

How is the Techno scene in Rome today?

I think it’s a good moment. There are different nice parties and a lot of great artists in my opinion.

Any extra words?

About this podcast, I just spent some minutes to decide the first track to start the mix, as I usually do in the gigs. I like improvvisation.


  1. Reynold – my favourive film (Donato Dozzy mix) – Persona
  2. Abdulla Rashim – moral blinds – Northern Electronics
  3. Rrose – pentagons – Eaux
  4. Fabrizio Lapiana – sinusvoid – Attic
  5. Blind Observatory – scanning – I/Y Moments Series
  6. Woo York – acidic uniformity – Planet Rhythm
  7. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – reckon (Truncate remix) – Gynoid
  8. Phase – burden of proof – Token
  9. Marcel Dettmann – rush (PAS deep release remix) – MDR
  10. Fernandez Manetta – entropic disorder – Attic
  11. Developer – ipf07 – Modularz
  12. Anno Stamm – aqua lemon peel violet – Macro
  13. Fabrizio Lapiana – 1002b – M_Rec LTD