We were able to record 1 and a ½ hours of Hans Bouffmyhre absolutely murdering the dance floor in Oslo.  The venue was intimate, the atmosphere was intense, and you can literally hear the crowd screaming for more!

From the depths of Glasgow, Hans Bouffmyhre has proven his worth and established himself as a man of all trades, whether it’s throwing a party, mixing, managing a label or producing a dance-floor- filler.

Give it a listen:

Starting out in ’06, Hans threw his own parties in his hometown, Glasgow. The name of this party became the forefront for none other than Glasgow’s home-grown, “Sleaze”. Now boasting some of Techno’s finest talent, Sleaze has become recognized as one of the UK’s leading Techno labels. Hans has not only established this leading record label, he has also provided his talent and released some huge tracks on labels such as Analytic Trail, Electric Deluxe, Phobiq and Soma. These tracks have certainly been a hit in the Techno world and gained regular support and plays from some of the biggest names in Techno.

At only 25 years of age, it seems that Hans is already a seasoned Techno veteran but we know that he only has more to offer. This mix is evidence of Hans’ talent and work and with all of this going for Hans’ at such a young age; it’s hard not to commend him