For this weeks podcast, we welcome  Sébastien Belle from France.

When did your interest in music come about?

Since I heard The Wall with Pink Floyd extremely loud at the age of five! I was 14 when I saw the movie which was a real visual and musical shock. This was a record from my father’s record collection. It was eclectic. As for electronic music: Klaus Nomi, Peter Gabriel, Nina Hagen, Pierre Henri and lots of other obscure sounds. Radio shows on 98.2 Paris and rave parties in the early 90’s also had an impact on me. Tracks like LSD by Hallucinogen or Age of Love made me fall in love with alternative electronic music.

As a DJ and where or what do you get your inspiration from?

From dance floor. I have spent a good bit of time in Rexclub. In France, there are not so many techno oriented clubs. Dave clarke, Laurent Garnier kicked my brain. Then the Trance scene was also very interesting. IDM was kind of confidential. The sky was pink.

And of course Berlin. When I lived there for one year, Max Cooper and Traum, opened my eyes on a new sensible alternative dance music. This is the foundation of my musical point of view. The dark vibe of the Berghain and the music played in this club is a great source of inspiration. My mix is a special dedication to that place. I made this mix with so called “Berghain souvenirs”

What impact do you think music has on people?

Everybody knows how to judge beauty, and everybody has their own taste. The problems lie with mainstream radio stations and clubs that abide to economic rules. People are taking what you give to them. If they don’t have access to the true emotion in music, they will not be touched by it’s grace. Every time I play, I try to introduce this.

What is your take on the techno scene today?

Techno apart from Berlin scene, is for the underground elite. Difficult to play real techno even in Montréal. Most of my gigs are a little bit more chilled and slow. But I try to keep my techno in heart. Doing this podcast is an example of that, thank you for giving me a slot on the podcast!

Finally, give us a fun fact about yourself.

Once, I had to play music for a party. I asked a friend to get my gear, from my home which was obviously a huge mission… Home was far away. After all the fuzz and buzz i found out that I couldn’t play because I forgot a usb link. I felt so ashamed. Now I pack very carefully before all my gigs.


  1. Micropoint – Lock
  2. Mario Basanov – Red Line
  3. Radio Slave – Absolute Absolute
  4. Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  5. Worn – See Through
  6. Tommy Four Seven – G (Regis Remix) Tommy Four Seven
  7. Reeko – Segmento 5 (Original Mix)
  8. James Ruskin – Into A Circle
  9. Etapp Kyle – Aurora (Original Mix)
  10. Alan Fitzpatrick – Corruption
  11. Juan Atkins, Infiniti – Think Quick (Sleeparchive Remix)
  12. Par Grindvik – Sinister (Staffan Linzatti Remix)
  13. Par Grindvik-Remix Gary Beck – Standing On My Foot
  14. Polar Inertia – Parallel Transport (Original Mix)
  15. Wraetlic – Rats (SCB Edit)
  16. Citizen Kain – King Size (Maxime Dangles Linear Remix)
  17. Rrose – Waterfall (Lucy Remix)
  18. Par Grindvik – Sinister (Gary Beck Remix)