This week we are pleased to welcome the multi-talented artist Bryan Chapman. A prolific producer, Bryan has released records on a string of high profile labels, including H-Productions, Affin, Sleaze and his own imprint Monotony. For this edition of the Monument podcast Bryan has provided us with an hour of carefully curated techno with tracks from Kwartz, Ulwhednar and Bryan himself. Check out the full tracklist below. Enjoy!

1. Lair – Searching in Circles [Eotrax]

2. Iori – Transmission [Field Records]

3. Kwartz – Her Green Eyes [Faut Section]

4. Jana Sleep – Eco [Hypnus Records]

5. Ruhig – Charming Sandworms [Midgar Records]

6. Svarog – Legolas [Affin]

7. Bryan Chapman – Batara [Monotony]

8. Arnaud Le Texier – Latinum [Inertie]

9. Cosmin TRG – Afterburn [Sportiv]

10. Bryan Chapman – Kalpa [Monotony]

11. Christian Wunsch – Lone Wolf [Faut Section]

12. Tensal – Development 2 [Soma Records]

13. Surgeon – Convenience Trap, Pt. 2 [Dynamic Tension]

14. Ruhig – Slash / Dash [Midgar Records]

15. Ulwhednar –  Begravd under is [Northern Electronics]

16. Von Grall – The Slope [Midgar Records]

17. Bryan Chapman – Arsenik [Monotony]

18. Bryan Chapman – Perpetual Purification [Monotony]