Born in Norway and raised in South America, Espen is one of driving forces behind Krill Music. Always being strongly impregnated by music, in mid-2000 he became a regular DJ at Cocoliche, Buenos Aires. This is where he met his first heavyweight artists from the Techno international and national scene.

Espen is currently based in Norway, managing Krill Music and working  on his own music productions. He told us that this mix contains both old and current stuff. But we are also lucky to take a sneak peak into Krill’s future vault and listen to tunes that will be released between this year and the next.


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“There is a track which is not getting released til 2014, so enjoy!”

The atmosphere in this mix gives the impression that Espen likes to vary from the minimalistic and hard industrial techno, to the old school acid. This mix should get you up from the chair, and into a 1+ hour Krill trip.


  1. A1 – Magic Mountain High – Workshop XX
  2. Key – Xhin – Stroboscopic Artefacts
  3. Third – Seph – Harry Klein Records
  4. Signals – Claro Intelecto – BBE
  5. XXX -XXX – Krill Music (Upcoming 2014)
  6. XXX – XXX – Krill Music (Upcoming 008)
  7. Somewhere – Psyk – Mote Evolver
  8. Dilmun (Reeko Remix) – Luis Ruiz – Krill Music (006)
  9. XXX – XXX – Krill Music (Upcoming 007)
  10. Rufixtra – Sawf – Audio Assault
  11. Reverse – Fundamental Interaction – Krill Music (005)
  12. Fjord – Espen Lauritzen – Unreleased
  13. Perish – Charlton – Krill Music (005)
  14. The Poetics Of Withdrawal – Ascion – Krill Music (003)
  15. Onkalo (Karenn Remix) – Delta Funktionen – Delsin Records
  16. Stochastic Acid Theory (Original Mix) – D. Carbone – 3TH
  17. Luis Ruiz – Vimanas – Krill Music (006)
  18. Pleasure Dome – Armando – Trax records
  19. Barada Aka Bryan Zentz – Stranger Daze – Aciieeed