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Roberto Facchini

Monument 160: PVS

With connections to Freddy K, Unbroken Booking and the highly influential M_Rec LTD, PVS is no stranger to the European techno community. Having released on a n...

Monument 159: Unbalance

Moscow based artist Unbalance has been at the forefront of the burgeoning Russian techno scene for some time now. Holding residencies and regular gigs throughou...

Monument 156: Keith Carnal

Things seem to be going from strength to strength for Amsterdam based artist Keith Carnal. With an arsenal of solid releases on Affin and ARTS, which have all s...

Monument 153: Viels

This week on the Monument podcast we are delighted to welcome Viels. The Italian artist first appeared on the scene in 2016 with the track 'Sinesthesya' on Dyna...

Monument 152: Primal Code

Last year saw Primal Code release their debut, 'Eteru', on Hypnus Records. The record was a collection of expertly crafted, deep textural cuts, and featured a l...


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Roberto Facchini

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